Jan 26, 2009

Simple Step # 4: For Going Green

It doesn't cost a lot money that the Federal Government and big business insist it does to go 'GREEN.'
They want to make things complicated, spend your tax dollars and through high expenditures actually delay going 'Green.'

This BLOG is intended to bring to light some simple ways to help the environment that all ready exist and cost little or nothing to implement.

One affordable way is to STOP building homes and buildings out of WOOD !!!
That's right, use concrete in the total construction process. No wood, no cut trees.
Remember, Trees are good, they gives us oxygen and remove CO2.
This is good. So save a TREE today. No, then plant one.

Typical Woof Frame Home found throughout the United States. Many Trees are cut down unnecessarily for new home construction.
Remember this is bad.

A home constructed entirely of 'CONCRETE.'
Know the FACTS before you speak....
The mass of stone walls and concrete slows down the passage of heat moving through the wall. A concrete home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than a wood-framed home. Also, a stone and concrete wall doesn't have as many air leaks as a wood-frame wall, and air leakage accounts for a large percentage of energy loss in the home.
This is good. Insist that all builders and developers in your community build homes and building from concrete only.


  1. Super fine idea-- but what about the building codes?

    I like your blog!

    Tom s

  2. I can guarantee one thing you'll never get any builder / developer or contractor to agree.
    Hell even stupid ass realtors would oppose it.

    But for the record, it's one damn fine idea.

  3. George MunkinsJanuary 28, 2009

    This is a great blog but if there is one ting Congress doesn't have is common sense.

    P.S. For the record I am a concrete contractor.


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