Jan 17, 2009

Simple Step # 2: For Going Green

Here is another method to redirect money that is all ready being spent to help the environment:

Grass many look nice but is not environmentally sound. It requires fertilizers, insecticides, and lots of water to make it stay green and look nice. Other than a play area for children it's useless. Many people move from areas where grass is common and want to install it in a desert climate. Developers and politicians eager to please jump on the grass concept, especially in backyards and golf courses. Add to the fact lawn movers and leaf blowers give off high amounts of CO2 polluting our air and use gasoline is never a consideration.
Golf communities are a waste of good space and if they have to be built then use artificial turf. After all it's good enough for million dollar athletes to play on it's good enough for golfers.
Instead of spending all this money and maintenance on GRASS every developer should be required to plant two indigenous trees per home that serve as both a shade tree, and are high oxygen producers. Some trees are more suitable for this than others. Builders should be required to include a 5-year warranty on each tree and shrub they plant thus insuring the environment is helped. As a general rule most trees require little maintenance as compared to grass.
Remember TREES are what keep you alive on this planet.
Trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. They also prevent soil erosion. Many trees live for hundreds even thousands of years.
In addition, public parks and community green areas must be required to plant healthy shade trees.

So lets sum up Trees versus Grass and the Impact on the Environment....

Grass is bad.
Gives off minuscule amounts of oxygen, uses water, and pollutes the environment with chemicals.

Trees in yards are good. They produce oxygen and offer shade.

Trees in parks and recreation areas, and along highways produce oxygen and prevent soil erosion. Trees are good they help the environment and help the planet stay green. Trees reduce the carbon foot print and give us healthy air to breathe.

So what are your local politicians and developers doing to help your air quality?
Call them, tell them to plant more TREES !!!

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