Jan 19, 2009

Simple Step # 3: For Going Green

Paper, something we all take for granted.
Paper comes from Trees.
Trees make oxygen. We have had that discussion but will touch on it several times.
When paper is made, it is a natural brown color (see photo below).

Natural Wood Processed Paper.
Insist on using it instead of white paper.

But to make PAPER White a chemical die process is added to bleach the paper. These chemicals are extremely toxic and very harmful to the environment. This process cost more money and therefore drives the cost of paper up.
If we must use PAPER, lets learn to use it in it's natural color (brown).

Chemically Treated White Paper.
Say no to this. Refuse to use white paper, use all natural brown paper only.

The same harmful chemical process is used to produce Paper with various colors.
Colored Paper, very harmful for the environment.
Say NO to this, use only all natural made brown paper.

What can you do?
1) - Insist that your local public schools, public utilities, and local government offices use all natural brown paper only.
2) - Make recycling mandatory for ALL paper products in your community.
3) - Pressure our local businesses to use ALL natural brown paper and recycle all their paper products.
Remember, Brown PAPER is Good, White and Colored Paper is bad.
Get involved and save the planet one simple way. One step at a time.
This would have little or no cost impact to business or manufacturing.
Another way to use a common product, but use it wisely and correctly.

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