Feb 7, 2009

Simple Step # 8: For Going Green

Another simply way to save the environment, Go Green, is to get rid of School Books, all kinds of Books for that matter, but start with school books.
Most school books are outdated before they finish printing.
They are heavy. bulky, and cumbersome.
They get lost or damaged easily.
You have to cut down TREES to make books because paper comes from trees.
Remember, Trees make oxygen and without oxygen we all will die!

The alternative is simple.
Electronic school books.
Available now are inexpensive mini notebooks, like a compact version of a laptop. They are lightweight, easy to carry and use. New updated data (correct knowledge and information) can be programmed into the mini notebooks in minutes.

Printed School Books are bad, get rid of them, educate our children properly, save the Trees, save the environment!

These are good, easy to carry, can be updated with latest educational text and information without buying a new one. Tell your school, no more printed paper text books, we want electronic notebooks instead.

School Books and related paper supplies are heavy. Children now strain themselves to carry these outdated techniques for teaching by using these school bags, another waste of materials that is not needed.
Ask yourself what long term health problems are we going to have with children carrying a backpack around with all that unnecessary weight?

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