Feb 2, 2009

Simple Step # 7: For Going Green

One simple way to reduce oil consumption, reduce pollution, reduce airport delays, and reduce noise levels is to - Ban ALL Private and Corporate Jets, Planes, and Helicopters including TV news station copters.
The one exception is heliports in major cities like NYC.
These damn things are one of the largest problems in existent today !!!
They are also one of the biggest national security issues and easy to use for both drug traffickers and terrorist.

The easiest way to eliminate these menace is to charge $50.00 per gallon for fuel, plus 10 times the landing and take-off fees at all airports that commercial jets pay. Wow what a way to get a tax on those who should be paying their FAIR Share anyway!

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  1. You really do not have a clue about avation. Should we ban all medivac and police helicopters? Where do you think all these pilots who fly started? That is right, flying small planes. I started in 1976 flying Cessna 150's. Would you ban the Doctor from flying his own Piper several hundred miles to some small town to see someone, then fly back to his "real" office? Why don't you go out and get an ATP then make your stupid blog.


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